#73 G20 summit

And the beat goes on, with asset prices heading north and words loosing their meaning


The ongoing dramas that got markets’ attention are bringing the same feeling of frustration and are having the same rhythm as the song “We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning”.

US-China trade disputes, Huawei ban, Google stops supplying the Android Operating system to Huawei, Google restarts supplying Huawei as the restrictions were looser than initially thought, China stops importing Canadian meat


constructive talks, frank dialogue, reciprocal steps, tariffs threat, tariffs on hold, tariffs commence, multilateral approach via the WTO, bilateral agreements


protests in Hong-Kong over contradictions to China, protests in Taiwan against the Chinese propaganda, climate change, Paris agreement is being referred


Iran nuclear deal, oil exports ban, nuclear deal not saved by the EU, Iran to exceed the uranium stockpiles limits, tankers sabotaged in the Gulf of Oman, sanctions on Iranian negotiators, warships at the region, no intention of war.


Municipal elections lost by Erdogan, Turkey intents to install Russian S400 within the next weeks, drillings at the north coast of Cyprus, USA reacts


No inflation pressure, full employment, decreasing manufacturing, decreasing investments, central bankers ready to react cutting rates.


Yields drop, crypt-currencies rally

No we didn’t light it, But we tried to fight it”

Last week, the long EURJPY forecast at 121.65 hit bulls eye and the advised holding of the long AUDUSD trades paid off. No other presented entry level has been triggered.

Major events of next week:

  • OPEC and OPEC+ summit in Vienna.
  • Monetary meeting of the RBA (Central Bank of Australia)


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For qualified perspective clients of the advisory service:

GIPS standards are all about full, fair, consistent and comparable presentation of actual returns of the past. No models, no back-testing, no promises. I am doing that. I am publishing in real time, via a 3rd party, my actual returns since inception where one can see the most strict, comparable, revealing metric of the industry: the monthly Sharpe ratio.

My current monthly Sharpe ratio stands at 0.27 as can be found at www.forexfactory.com/dxmix

My current annual Sharpe ratio is 0.27 multiplied by 12 = 0.27 x 3.46=0.93 Annual Sharpe Ratio

The numbers used to stand at 0.5 monthly Sharpe ratio and 1.73 annual Sharpe ratio up until the August of 2019 for 45 consecutive months. On 24 August 2018, I mistakenly ordered to open a position 10 times bigger that I am used to. My equity level is currently back on track, but my statistics are no longer as impressive as they used to be. My 54 months, since inception, monthly Sharpe Ratio (that includes the leveraged AUDUSD trade) stands at 0.27, equal to 0.93 Annual Sharpe Ratio.

I cannot claim that I will be performing with the return of my best months, but I can tell that I will hover around my average returns. Claiming with a 95% confidence, that my next month* return will be within my average monthly return ± 2 standard deviations is a well educated statement I can make anytime.

My average monthly* return ± 2 standard deviations is from -16.54% up to 20.49%

My average monthly* return ± 2 stadard deviations becomes -5.74% up to 9.47% , excluding the 4 months effect of the one time mistake trade.


* the monthly returns are the actual returns within a month. They are not presented on annualized basis.


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