#92 r* could be negative

Tweets from China, Kentucky lost by Republicans

Major events of last week:

  • US-China: The Chinese started using Trump’s tactics with tweets (Hu Xijin 胡锡进) that the trade phase 1 deal will be followed by tariffs rollbacks. On Friday, Trump replied via a tweet that no agreement on tariffs rollbacks has been reached. Worth noting the announced anti-opioid partnership of the two countries.
  • USA-EU-Turkey-Russia: Erdogan confirmed his visit to Washington on November 13.
  • UK: Polls predict a majority for the Conservative Party of Boris Johnson. Nigel Farage will not run himself. Instead he will support the 600 candidates of the Brexit Party. The Labor Party is shifting further to the left as Tom Watson steps down.
  • USA: The actual result of last week House descision to make the impeachment inquiry formal, is that the transcripts of all testimonies became public. The Kentucky elections, that have been lost by the Republicans, could be the omen for Trump’s chances at the upcoming 2020 Presidential elections, where he could face off Michael Bloomberg. Note that Kentucky was won by Trump by a 30% margin at the 2016 Presidential elections. The results in Virginia, Mississippi and New Jersey do not offer any more insights.
  • Protests : Protests in Hong Kong, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia continue.
  • Cryptos: Total market cap at $239248bn ( -3.6% w/w, -30% from the 2019 high, -70% from the all time high of January 2018).

Major events of next week:

  • General Elections on Sunday (tomorrow 10/11/2019)
  • President Xi visits Greece during the weekend, Erdogan visits the USA on Wednesday.
  • The Paris Peace Forum, initiated by President Emmanuel Macron, begins on Tuesday.
  • Trump is supposed to announce his decision to tax EU cars or not. Junker has stated that no tariffs will be imposed.
  • OPEC publishes its monthly report on oil on Thursday
  • US earnings: Tilray on Tuesday, Cisco on Wednesday.

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